Jae Rhim Lee


cinema leerThe visual artist and designer develops and articulates her works by analyzing social forms of denying death. Her “Infinity Burial Project” propagates a radically alternative approach to the dead body and furnishes ecological models of decomposing corpses for individual use. The method of “Corpse Decompiculture” cultivates mushrooms and other organisms which putrefy human tissue like ptomaine. Other key components of the presented project are a kit containing the necessary decomposition substances and self-designed burial suits with bio-activators. Lee is currently Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



Jae Rhim Lee is a visual artist and designer whose work explores and challenges societal death denial via tools for the body and mind. Lee is a recipient of a 2009 Creative Capital Foundation Grant (NY, USA), a 2010 Grant from the Institut fur Raumexperimente/Universität der Künste Berlin (Germany), and a 2010-2011 MAK Schindler Scholarship.  She received a master's degree from MIT in 2006, and is currently a Research Fellow in the MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technology. www.jaerhimlee.com