Marijs Boulogne & Hadewych Cocquyt


labor leerIn her performance “The Anatomy Lesson” the Belgian artist described the decay and reparation processes of the body in an unusual way. Her patient was a baby made of stitches. Crocheted and stitched together, the homunculus lies on the dissecting table, fitted with intestines, muscles and bones. With the aid of an endoscope Boulogne traveled through the human dummy, ever deeper into questions of life and death, beauty and liberation, searching for the divine in the material. Her role in this forensic fairytale switches from distanced surgeon to loving mother. Viewers of this interactive anatomy theatre witnessed a mythical cycle of death, birth and dying and a philosophical-artistic transgression of the most bizarre kind.



Marijs Boulogne, author of theatre plays, musician and actresse, Brussels. She studied directing in Brussels at the Rits. She worked in Kaaitheater (Brussels) with Marianne van Kerkhoven, got into Siemens arts program Tanzquartier 2008-2009, and won the Alumni-award in Rits in 2010. She made the shows: Marzipan or Plexi (2009), Picknick (2004) and Hotel Zero Control (2003). In her piece "The Anatomy Lesson" she deals with the process of decomposition of the human body.