Professionelles Wiederauferstehen [Kan Dwa, ein Heiler des afrikanischen !Xun-Stammes]

You have told me that in kia [trance] you must die. Does that mean really die?

I mean really die.
You mean die like when you are buried beneath the ground?
   'Yes. Yes, just like that.'
They are the same?
   'Yes, the same. It is death I speak of.'
No difference?
   'It is death.'
The death where you never come back?
   'Yes, it is that bad. It is the death that kills us all.'
But the healer gets up, and a dead person doesn't.
   'That is true,' Kan Dwa replied quietly, with a smile, 'healers may come alive again.'

Interview with Kan Dwa by anthropologist Richard Katz, 1968.

Ausstellungstext in der Ausstellung ULWAZI LWEMVELO - INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE IN SOUTH AFRICA im South African Museum, Kapstadt [link].